How can collaborative AI revolutionize treatment in healthcare?

The Challenge

A team of researchers from a major healthcare provider developed an innovative solution for identifying tumours and optimizing radiation therapy planning in cancer patients, using pioneering AI. They wanted to know how to improve adoption by clinical teams.

The Approach 

Leveraging expertise in technology adoption and behavioral science, we initiated a significant project to identify user behaviors and develop a rollout strategy. 

Behavioral diagnosis was conducted via qualitative research, defining user and patient journeys and experience. After implementation, choice architecture was enhanced through targeted behavioral nudges, supporting understanding, and amplifying desired behaviors.

Through strategic collaborations internally with medical staff and externally with tech providers and regulatory bodies, we ensured seamless technology integration. This methodology, rooted in collaboration and alignment, aimed for sustainable implementation across multiple sites.


The Key Insight

Technological implementation is intrinsically human-centered. Nuanced behavioral diagnosis not only fosters technology adoption but also improves utilization. This can be achieved through precise choice architecture mapping and targeted nudges, driving desired behaviors.

By employing cutting-edge AI techniques, healthcare providers can revolutionize their services, improving patient treatment times, outcomes and benefits, while ensuring safety and data privacy.

The Outcomes


Successful deployment of pioneering AI-based healthcare application, leading to improved accuracy of tumour detection, efficiency of treatment planning, and improved patient outcomes.


Development of an interconnected ecosystem across different healthcare providers, which will enable data sharing and the co-creation of advanced therapeutic models.


Strategic plan designed for future programs and potential rollouts across multiple sites, improving the quality and efficiency of radiation therapy for thousands of patients.


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