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Our team is made up of experienced strategists, skilled technologists, and expert researchers from various backgrounds including technology, management, business consulting, data analytics, and design. Each project is overseen by a member of our leadership team and staffed with a team tailored for that specific project.

We maintain a strong international network of experts and industry leaders. This network allows us to efficiently scale up global projects, access specialized knowledge, and provide solid support to our clients.

We are always happy to discuss a new project, collaboration, or partnership, or just to say hello. 



McKenzie Lloyd-Smith (Ph.D.), Founding Partner

McKenzie is a leading innovation strategist, holding a Ph.D. in Management and Organizational Behavior from the University of London. He has been responsible for major strategic initiatives across diverse industries in North America and Europe. His expertise lies in researching the emerging frontiers of people and technology, and understanding the impact of technological shifts on complex organisations. 

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Kathrin Gardhouse (Lawyer, LLM, AIGP, CIPP/C), Partner

Kathrin specializes in privacy, data protection, and AI governance. She has written extensively about regulatory issues and developments around privacy, data protection, and AI for global clients. She previously led the privacy and data governance program at a Schedule I bank in Toronto, Canada. Kathrin is also the Policy Lead of AI Governance and Safety Canada and an AI and Privacy Advisor at the venture capital firm Antler. 

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Corporate Profile

MindPort Inc. is a Canadian Incorporated Company via the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Our offices are registered in Ontario, Canada.

For more information contact us: info@mindport.ca