We explore human-centered insights to develop AI solutions, guiding policy and advancing knowledge for a future shaped by people.

UX and AIX

Unlock insights

We help tech-led businesses identify where their next opportunity lies,  what they should build, and how they should scale. 


AI Impact Analysis

Assessing impact

Assessing the expansive effects of AI requires foundational research that delivers rich, opinionated, and actionable insights. Our impact analysis guides you through technological, social, and economic shifts, setting you up for success.


Exploring futures

Strategic foresight unfolds when a thorough analysis of emerging trends and innovations is combined with a strategic understanding of potential future scenarios. Our forsight research enables our partner organizations to not only see the future but shape it.

Artificial intelligence and the future of interaction

We conducted an in-depth examination into the research on human-AI interactions, focusing on integrating human-centered design with AI technologies. 

Our comprehensive experience in user research and application of Human-Computer Interaction, cognitive psychology, and behavioral science principles led us to develop guidelines that not only enhance user interaction with AI but also elevate the overall responsiveness and intuitiveness of AI-driven applications. 

We bring our Artificial Intelligence Experience (AIX) framework to all of our work, setting a new standard for AI user experiences.


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