We offer introductory to advanced artificial intelligence workshops and interactive sessions to facilitate innovation within teams and businesses.

Generative AI in Product Development

A workshop dedicated to exploring how you can enhance your digital products and product development using genAI. 


Intro to Generative AI Workshop

Understanding how generative AI can improve efficiency and effectiveness at work, while being used safely and responsibly.


We build and run bespoke workshops for teams, organizations and industries. 

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Other workshops we've run:

Building your
Generative AI Policy

Did you know less than 20% of companies in North America have an official GenAI policy? MindPort's AI Policy Workshop gives you a simple framework for quickly designing, deploying, and communicating your internal AI policies. Our policy workshop ensures that you teams know when to use AI, and how to use it safely and effectively.

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Human-Centric AI Products

This interactive session explores AIX (artificial intelligence experience) and uses real-world examples of how human-centered design thinking helps create products that are not only technologically advanced but also amazing experiences for your users.

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Generative AI for
ESG Analysis

A carefully designed half or full day program that demonstrates how asset managers can harness the power of Generative AI to compute ESG ratings for public companies.

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Designing & Building
Human-Centric AI Products

A half or full-day program for product teams, designers, developers and founders, that explores how to use a human-centric approach when building AI features and products. This workshop features our gold-standard AI playbook.

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AI Adoption and Transformation

Are you implementing new AI solutions, or exploring an opportunity? This unique multi-day workshop starts by identifying your AI vision. We then leverage our expertise in behavioral science, psychology, and human-AI interaction to co-create unique strategies for maximising update, adoption, and the success of your AI transformation project.

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Generative AI for
Asset Managers

A comprehensive program designed to illustrate the construction of a discretionary trading strategy using an LLM. We will showcase how asset managers and traders can leverage generative AI to convert unstructured data into high-frequency trading signals.

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Human-AI Interaction

A highly interactive 1 or 2-day program that equips teams and companies with a framework for understanding how we, as humans, experience and interact with AI. Using our unique artificial intelligence experience (AIX) model, this workshop has helped clients understand the impact and opportunities from new AI initiatives and implementations.

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Using LLM Agents for
Competitive Intelligence

A 2-day workshop that provides business analysts with the tools to use Generative AI for gathering competitive intelligence, analyzing market trends, and generating actionable business insights to stay ahead in the market.

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Generative AI for
Culture and Talent Teams

A practical full day session to help take the headache out of People and Culture professionals' lives. This session explores how to leverage Generative AI to streamline recruitment processes, enhance employee engagement, and manage performance reviews effectively. This workshop also explores compliance and ethical considerations of generative AI, including model bias and transparency.

Good to know:

Generative AI in
Higher Education

A creative 2-day workshop aimed at educators, showing how Generative AI can be used to develop interactive educational materials, personalized learning experiences, and the impact of generative AI on the educational system. This workshop also explores the ethical considerations of using AI in educational settings.

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