Generative AI Roadmap

Uncover the Generative AI opportunities within your business

An actionable Generative AI Roadmap in just four weeks

Generative AI solutions are transforming the way that businesses operate and engage with customers. But knowing where to start is challenging.

With our Generative AI Roadmap, we’ll work with you to identify the genuine opportunities that genAI can tackle within your organisation, both today and in the future. 

Get a bespoke plan to build the capabilities you need in order to stay ahead of the competition, in as little as four weeks.

In four weeks we’ll help your organization: 

Week 1: We'll kick off with an interactive half-day workshop, to help you understand what genAI means for your sector and business, with best-in-class industry examples.

Weeks 2 & 3: We'll help you identify the highest value opportunities, where first mover advantage exists, and help prioritize use cases based on their technical feasibility, commercial opportunity, and your team’s readiness.

Week 4: In the final week we'll develop an actionable implementation and governance plan to build and deploy your most viable, high priority genAI use cases, in a safe and responsible way.

Good to know: 

We don't do stuffy or generic! 

Our workshops are interactive, and our plans are bespoke. Within the four weeks we'll work with you to explore, discuss and learn, so that you come away feeling empowered and ready to embrace genAI.

We leverage experience in human-centered-design, modern application development, and innovation facilitation to help your teams move from thought to action. 

We've supported clients ranging from pre-seed startup to Fortune 50s, taught MBAs the secrets of innovation, and helped teams unlock ideas and drive initiatives, and we'd love to help you too.

Final bits

The kickoff workshop typically works best with 6-12 people. To ensure the program's effectiveness, we typically work directly with the executive leadership team.

What next?

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